Who is this Proverbs 32 woman, anyway?

Most of us are familiar with the Proverbs 31 woman– among her many virtues are her abilities to run a real estate business from home, to provide quality clothing and food for her family, and manage a fairly complex household all in a way that makes her husband well-respected in the community and her children to “arise and call her blessed.” Not so well-known is the Proverbs 32 woman– maybe because in the Bible there is no Proverbs 32. But that’s just a minor detail. Stick with me, here.

The Proverbs 31 woman is amazing. She’s Supermom, and apparently has it all and does it all– with a great attitude and unwavering faith. Sure, it’s good and right to desire virtue in our lives, and she’s a wonderful example. But what are we like in the meantime? That’s where I think the Proverbs 32 woman comes in. She’s that woman across town  who is struggling in her walk, pretty much everything the Proverbs 31 woman is not. She tries, and fails. She has peace and contentment– even joy– one day, and the next feels like her world is falling apart. She yells at her kids sometimes. Ok, maybe more often than sometimes. The house is a disaster. Sure, the family is fed, but there are days when her commitment to “whole foods” means the hotdogs aren’t cut up. And that husband of hers who sits at the gate? His motivation is primarily to be as far away as possible when she throws that frying pan… probably muttering how he’s sure she’s finally lost it. Neither he nor the kids are going to arise and call her blessed anytime soon.

Does this sound like you? It sounds like me. And I don’t want it to, so I’m going to explore how to change neighbourhoods, so to speak. I hope you’ll come with me.


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