First Blog attempt

My girl!

Ramblings by Emily

Since not returning to Bible School in January, I have been in constant need to find something to occupy my brain.


Yeah, I have tried those. But while attending college, I had learned the great art of procrastination. So this blog is me, trying to get back into my hobbies again.

What are my hobbies?

Well, I like to think of myself as a photographer and a writer. I love taking pictures of the outdoors around where I live (and the place I have come to lovingly nickname “Cornfield” because that’s all I saw around when we moved here in November.)
And writing… I love writing stories and I have dozens written already in notebooks and binders but haven’t reached the memory of a computer yet.

I am a just a christian young adult trying to please the Lord Jesus Christ in all I do. My life is full…

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