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Busy hands, happy heart

She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff. (Proverbs 31:19)

I have a friend who is a truly artsy-fartsy type. She amazes me, really, with the stuff she can do. The first time I was at her house, she showed me her quilts. LOTS of them. On beds. In closets. On shelves. In bins. Quilts finished, and quilts in various stages of life. She showed me her plants: flower gardens (old-fashioned, belonging very much to another time– not a pristine manicured affair for sure), houseplants (“Take this piece home with you– you can’t kill it.” I did). She makes jewellery, and sells buttons (Yes, buttons. Vintage, mostly. On, and had buyers!). And she makes soap. The kind that would really confuse a kid should you ever try to wash their mouth out with it– chocolate, bubblegum, vanilla, coffee, you name it, I think she’s made it. She has used a spindle, and spun yarn. And yes, she’s even a homeschooler. This summer her family is serving at a NCEM Bible camp. She makes me tired. And makes me look really bad. I don’t have half her ambition or gumption. Good thing I’m not compared to my friend in God’s eyes, eh?

But the thing is– I think this verse doesn’t neccessarily mandates what we are supposed to do, but points to the “whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as unto the Lord” concept. There is a measure of accomplishment in working with your own hands. I like seeing a loaf of bread that I made, or a dress I sewed. Not everyone is able to do these things, but those who do generally find satisfaction in it– even if the results stink.

Today is a day to find things for my hands to do, whether I weed my garden, or feed the chickens; whether finish those pajama pants, or cuddle a toddler. Maybe the trick is just to concentrate on serving others, and my hands will be busy.