Titus Two Project blog

Looking for contributors for the Titus Two Project blog. You can leave a comment here, there, or email me: proverbs32woman (at) gmail (dot) com. All contributions will be moderated, and it is expected they will be from a Biblical worldview, and evangelical in nature. Posts must be “G” rated, and pertain to any aspect of Biblical womanhood.


NEW PAGE! “The Titus Two Project”

This is a brand-new page you can access from the menu under the header. Among other things, it contains the entire KJV text of Titus 2, and explains how that connects to Proverbs 31.

“About” page updated!

Updated the “About” page. Just a bit more rambling about me and this blog.


“Fruits & Nots” page updated!

I’ve updated/ actually put content on the Fruits & Nots page. I know, weird heading for it, but if you go read it you’ll understand. Enjoy 🙂